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The Evo-Farms Difference

x40 times more nutrients

40 times as nutritiously dense as the mature vegetables

Fully Unlocked Flavor

The tastiest out there! Try for yourself and find out why customers like us so much.

95% less water

As we grow indoors, we do not require Our Vertical Farming approach uses 95% less water than traditional agriculture. That's a lot considering 70% of the worlds fresh-water goes to watering crops..

Hyper Local

Grown within miles of you - reducing the total transport emissions when compared to imported produce

GMO, Pesticide and Fertilizer Free

By providing the best growth environment to the plants, we offer quality GMO and Fertilizer Free produce

Harvested hours before delivering

Get the most out of your produce by eating it just hours after it's harvested - a real game changer.

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