What are Arugula Microgreens?

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If you are looking to incorporate microgreens into your diet or you are interested in growing your own at home, arugula microgreens are a great green to start with. Nutrient-rich and bursting with flavor, arugula microgreens are unique in their unique taste and health benefits. We often treat health foods as interchangeable, but this series of blogs aims to break down the varying medicinal properties of each microgreen. 

As “immature” versions of greens, microgreens mirror their mature counterparts in flavor and nutritional properties. This being said, the flavors tend to be milder, and the nutritional properties are amplified up to 40 times. Arugula microgreens specifically share the zesty, nutty flavor of arugula and the high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. This bundle of vitamins is rich in antioxidants and ideal for those looking to boost their immune systems and bone strength. Since the body digests microgreens with less effort than mature plants, it takes in more nutrients, so even a garnish of arugula microgreens can offer more benefits than a handful of supplements.

In addition to the collection of vitamins, arugula microgreens around 25% of the daily recommended value of protein in the form of various essential amino acids. They are also rich in iron, magnesium, and potassium. Together, these nutrients offer too many benefits to list; however, bone health, heart health, and detoxification are key benefits of the arugula microgreens package.

Arugula's foliage is dense and green!

Native to certain regions of the Mediterranean and harvested in spring or early fall, the peppery arugula plant is a popular salad base. This being said, the 2-3 inch microgreens can be harvested indoors year-round within just 10 days after planting. With a leaf or two, arugula microgreens might not make the heartiest salad, but with the rising appreciation for their health benefits, chefs around the world have developed a number or microgreen-centered recipes from savory to sweet. For some ideas, check out our recipes page.

To begin growing your own arugula microgreens, consider purchasing one of our grow-at-home kits. If you are looking for a nutrient boost to your daily diet, but do not have the time or space to become a hydroponic farmer, turn to Evo-Farms! Located in New York, we offer same-day delivery on all the microgreens that we carry to customers in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens for reasonable prices. To learn more, explore our webstore or look for us at your local farmer’s market.